Exhibition Materials

Exhibition Materials

Documentaries, Films/Images

  • Kenya police documentary prior/during Operation Usalama Watch.
  • Aljazeera documentary on extrajudicial killings.
  • Africa Uncensored documentaries on similar themes.
  • Hollywood or other films trailers such as Eye in the Sky, on the Westgate, Mandera Bus attack etc.
  • Other relevant local productions on the same theme.

Adverts, Announcements, Calls for Competitions, outcomes of competitions

  • BRAVE Movement’s radio, TV adverts (available at resource base at their office, their website and on social media.
  • Training calls, capacity building announcements by NGOs involved in CVE programmes.
  • Announcements, calls for competition targeting those expected to produce materials for relevant CVE strategies and its outcomes e.g. Lenga Ugaidi na Talanta

Written materials/Texts

  • Training manuals targeting religious clerics, returnees, vulnerable youth.
  • Regularly consulted/referenced books, fatwas, booklets, authored publications popular in CVE programmes.
  • Strategic plans and programmes, legislative bills launched by county governments, national government as part of CVE measures.
  • Workshop programmes, any other written schedules used in such CVE outreaches.

Other Materialities

  • Posters
  • Artistic productions, commissioned or non-commissioned, addressing CVE programmes e.g. plays, skits.
  • Photographic materials on the CVE e.g. from other exhibitions, used by NGOs for trainings, by amateur artists.
  • Songs, poets etc.
  • Social Media campaigns e.g. twitter hashtags, facebook pages and events